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Torch Song Trilogy

Torch Song Trilogy

Certainly one of the most emotional and adored gay films to have ever emerged from Hollywood, this is Harvey Fierstein's moment of cinematic glory. The story veers from laughter to tears in seconds flat and is one of our top films of all time -- we're real happy it's finally on DVD!

Harvey Fierstein's breakthrough Tony Award-winning play becomes this big-screen essay about the life and loves of Brooklyn's most lovable drag queen. Fierstein is both touching and hilarious as Arnold Beckoff, whose life is presented in three non-episodic acts. The story examines his relationship with his bisexual boyfriend (Brian Kerwin), gay lover (Matthew Broderick) and mother (Anne Bancroft).

The DVD commentary from writer/star Harvey Fierstein pushes this DVD from "must-have" status to legendary! Harvey is his usual fey, charming self as he tells his fans about his career, the tragectory of the play, his loves and his politics -- oh and he also discusses the film and its stars! He rails against closeted actors, George W. Bush, and homophobic people. His champions all of his actors referring to most of them as family. Harvey's brain moves so fast, he'll take you from tears to laughter in a moment.

'One of the best gay films ever made'

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Additional Information

Categories: Gay Cinema

Running Time: 117 mins, Year: 1998

Price: Around £10 on*

Starring: Anne Bancroft, Matthew Broderick, Harvey Fierstein, Brian Kerwin, Karen Young

Director: Paul Bogart

Studio: Entertainment In Video

Shop Online at:, (USA) and TLA Video (USA)

Country: UK, Language: English

Additional info: Region 2 UK/Euro

Also available: Beautiful Thing
Beautiful Thing - Click here for more information

The offbeat, underachieving denizens of a South East London apartment building get an emotional wake-up call when two of the neighbors two teen boys unexpectedly fall in love. Beautiful Thing adapted from the play by Jonathan Harvey features tender-hearted, kitchen sink realism from Channel Four Films.

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Torch Song Trilogy

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