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The DL Chronicles
Complete Season 1 - DVD

The DL Chronicles - Complete Season 1

Sharp and sexy, this quartet of short films is about African-American men living secret homo lives on the downlow. Perfect casting, witty writing and tight direction characterize these captivating films made for Here! that have plenty of man-to-man action.


  • Intelligent African-American gay drama
  • Hot black men
  • Four succinct tales

The DL Chronicles are tightly and professionally made stories as real as can be. In the first episode, Wes rushes home to a dinner party that his powerful wife is throwing. Imagine his surprise when he meets his brother-in-law, Trent, for the first time and he feels the stirrings of lust. Wes tries to bottle up his homo desires by drinking heavily during the meal. Not exactly the correct formula for repressing emotions, Wes sneaks into Trent's bed and some hot, very secret man-to-man action follows. In the second episode we meet Robert, a closeted talent agent who never sleeps with the same man twice. Robert hooks up with Austin, the manager of a health food store who's twenty years younger than him. But of course this won't be an isolated fuck; what kind of drama would that be? The two men meet again in an Internet sex chat-room, and Austin convinces him to give their relationship a chance. Robert falls hard for his new boyfriend, but now there's a young lady in the picture whose needs come first. In the third segment, a "playa" named Boo has his way with just about anything that moves and discovers that sleeping around can have some pretty nasty consequences. These first three films are so delicious that we can't wait for more of these sexy tales about men on the downlow.

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Additional Information

Categories: Gay Cinema

Running Time: 98 mins, Year: 2006/7

Price: Around £11.50 on*

Starring: Terrell Tilford, Kareem Ferguson, Toyin Moses, Damian T. Raven, Darren Schnase, Jessica Beshir

Director: Deondray Gossett, Quincy Le Near

Studio: TLA Releasing

Shop Online at:, (USA) and TLA Video (USA)

Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also available: Dante's Cove Complete Season 1
Click here for more information

This hot, cheerfully campy soft-core soap opera follows the tumultuous personal lives of the sexy residents of Dante's Cove as the town's eerie supernatural history begins to affect its present. Cheesy, sleazy, and thoroughly enjoyable, the show's addictive first season boasts a cast of talented eye candy that includes William Gregory Lee, Charlie David, Gregory Michael, Tracy Scoggins, and Nadine Heimann.

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Also available: Dante's Cove Complete Season 2
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The whole cast is back with explosive desires, devious plots and exposed passions. You won't want to miss a single moment of this intense new season. With a higher budget, larger cast and new Hawaiian location the second season of Dante's Cove is even more packed with naked studs, supernatural happenings, romance and high drama!

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