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Queer As Folk UK
Definitive Collector's Edition

Queer As Folk UK Collector's Edition DVD

The Queer As Folk - Definitive Collector's Edition box set contains all episodes from this dramatic and unprecedented television series, which first appeared on England's Channel 4 in 1999.

The series, which very honestly tackles the intricate and complex story of three Manchester gay men and their trials and relationships, deals with sex explicitly and does not shy away from controversial subject matter. Fortunately, because of its beautiful handling, layered storylines, and nuanced, complicated characters, it was a huge success.

The series follows the lives of Stuart (Aiden Gillen), a wildly promiscuous, often callous advertising executive, Vince (Craig Kelly), the overly nice and unintentionally celibate grocery store manager, and Nathan (Charlie Hunnan), the attractive and immature 15-year old who falls in love with Stuart and follows his example. Placing the heterosexual scene entirely on the periphery, "Queer as Folk" has been a highly important and incredibly involving step for television.

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Additional Information

Categories: Gay Cinema

Running Time: 84 mins, Year: 2006

Price: Around £18 on*

Starring: Aidan Gillen, Craig Kelly, Charlie Hunnam, Denise Black, Jason Merrells

Director: Charles McDougall, Sarah Harding

Studio: Channel 4 DVD

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Country: UK, Language: English

Additional info: Region 2 UK/Euro

Also available: Queer As Folk UK (Original Series) 2 DVD Set
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Queer As Folk: Series 1 is where it all started. Stuart (Aidan Gillen) has everything: he's rich, handsome, and always the centre of attention. Although he's quite arrogant, he also seems to be quite perfect. His best mate Vince (Craig Kelly) is funny, good-looking and endearing, but unlike Stuart he has no confidence in himself. Vince, of course, carries a torch for Stuart, but nothing romantic has happened between them. They're both in their late-20s, hitting Canal Street every night and just starting to think about where their lives may be going. Suddenly, along comes Nathan (Charlie Hunnam), a young man who has recently come out and parties with a vengeance. Before long, Nathan has wedged himself into the lives of Stuart and Vince, changing everything.

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