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1. Cucumber [DVD] Popular
Life for 46-year-old Henry (Vincent Franklin) and his boyfriend Lance is comfortable and settled. But after the most disastrous date night in history, involving a threesome, two police cars, and Boney M, Henry's old life shatters, and his new life begins. While Lance gets to know the mysterious Daniel, Henry soon finds himself with unexpected companions. 24-year-old Freddie and 19-year-old Dean have only been passing strangers, until now. But when they all find themselves under the same roof, they need to work out; are they friends or enemies? Can men from such different generations ever get on?

Henry's sister Cleo can only stand and watch as Henry's life spins off in wild new directions, helped by his nephew Adam. But Cleo's hiding secrets of her own. And with his dangerous old friend Cliff prowling around, Henry has to think fast, and forge a whole new life, while facing truths about himself which challenge his entire identity.

Cast: Vincent Franklin, Cyril Nri, Fisayo Akinade, Peter Caulfield, Freddie Fox, James Murray, Con O'Neill
Director: uncredited
Language: English
Publisher: 2entertain, Year: 2015

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2. Queer As Folk (Definitive Edition) [DVD] Popular
Definitive extended edition of Channel 4's controversial drama series. Stuart Jones (Aidan Gillen) and Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly) are gay friends living in Manchester. Both 29 years of age, they are beginning to question the direction their lives are taking when they meet wild 15-year-old Nathan Maloney (Charlie Hunnam) who shakes up their world with his arrival on the scene. 'It's hard to believe that 15 years have past since this was first shown on Channel 4 and yet remains so vivid in the mind. Series 1 was a classic and groundbreaking at the time for a television series and, although series 2 was a bit of a cash in, it was still pretty good.

Cast: Aidan Gillen, Craig Kelly, Charlie Hunnam, Denise Black, Jason Merrells
Director: Charles McDougall, Sarah Harding
Language: english
Publisher: Channel 4 DVD, Year: 1999

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