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1. Call Me By Your Name
It’s the summer of 1983 in Italy, and Elio (Timothée Chamalet), a precocious 17-year-old, spends his days in his family’s villa transcribing and playing classical music, reading and flirting with his fried Marzia. One day, Oliver (Armie Hammer), a charming American scholar, arrives as the annual summer intern tasked with helping Elio’s father, an eminent professor. Elio and Oliver discover the heady beauty of awakening desire over the course of a summer that will alter their lives forever

Cast: Timothée Chamalet, Armie Hammer, Michael Stuhlbarg, Amira Casar, Esther Garrel
Director: Luca Guadagnino
Language: English
Publisher: Sony Pictures, Year: 2018

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2. God's Own Country
Johnny Saxby (Josh O’Connor) works long hours on his family’s remote farm in the north of England. He numbs the daily frustration of his lonely existence with nightly binge-drinking at the local pub and casual sex. But when a handsome Romanian migrant worker (Alec Secareanu) arrives to take up temporary work on the family farm, Johnny suddenly finds himself having to deal with emotions he has never felt before.

As they begin working closely together during lambing season, an intense relationship starts to form which could change Johnny’s life forever. Captivating and broodingly beautiful, GOD’S OWN COUNTRY is the award winning debut feature from writer/director Francis Lee. Bracingly open hearted, this is a thrillingly romantic story set in the heart of rural Yorkshire. Both poignant and moving, this finely crafted British film features a host of standout performances, marking it out as an absolute must see.

Cast: Josh O'Connor, Alec Secareanu, Gemma Jones, Ian Hart
Director: Francis Lee
Language: English
Publisher: Spirit Entertainment, Year: 2018

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