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1. The Fish Child [DVD] Popular
Celebrated Argentine director Lucia Puenzo (XXY) returns with a gripping tale of forbidden lesbian romance and a crime heist gone awry that boasts beautiful cinematography and electrifying performances from its two female leads.

Lala, (Ines Efron) a teenager from the most exclusive suburban neighbourhood in Argentina, is in love with the Guayi, the 20-year-old Payaguayan maid working at her place. They hatch a plan to rob Lala’s family to fund their dream of living together in Paraguay, at the shores of lake Ypoá. While Lala waits to be reunited with her lover in Ypoá, the Guayi is detained in a minors institute in the outskirts of Buenos Aires for a crime she committed long ago. Desperate to be with her girlfriend, Lala hatches a dangerous rescue plan to get her back.

Cast: Ines Efron, Mariela Vitale, Carlos Bardem, Diego Velazquez
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Publisher: Peccadillo Pictures, Year: 2009

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