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1. I Am Divine [Region 1 DVD] Popular
Packed with great interviews and clips, this dynamic, fun and often poignant portrait of the legendary Divine brings to life a complex understanding of John Waters s favored muse Divine, aka Harris Glenn Milstead, from his humble beginnings as an overweight, teased Baltimore youth to internationally recognized drag superstar. Interviews with John Waters, Ricki Lake, Tab Hunters, Mink Stole and more! BONUS FEATURES- Commentary with Director/Producer Jeffrey Schwarz, Producer Lotti Phariss Knowles and Mink Stole, 30 Minutes of Deleted Scenes, Theatrical Trailer.

NB: Available to buy now from, this title will get a UK release later in 2014.

Cast: John Waters, Ricki Lake, Tab Hunters, Mink Stole, Harris Glenn Milstead, Divine
Director: Jeffrey Schwartz
Language: English
Publisher: Wolfe Video, Year: 2014

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2. King Cobra Popular
Based on a stranger than fiction true story, King Cobra is a deliciously dark, twisted plunge into the behind-the-scenes world of the pornography industry. It s 2006, Youtube is in its infancy and internet porn is still behind a paywall. Taking the stage name Brett Corrigan, a fresh faced wannabe adult video performer (Garret Clayton) is molded into a star by Stephen (Christian Slater), a closeted gay porn mogul who runs the skin flick empire Cobra Video from his seemingly ordinary suburban home. But as Brent s rise and demands for money put him at odds with his boss, he also attracts the attention of a rival producer (James Franco) and his unstable lover (Keegan Allen)who will stop at nothing to squash Cobra Video and steal its number one star.

Cast: James Franco, Alicia Silverstone, Molly Ringwald
Director: Justin Kelly
Language: English
Publisher: Precision Pictures, Year: 2017

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3. Pageant [DVD] Popular
This multi-award winning film presents a behind-the-scenes look at the 34th Miss Gay America contest where fifty-two ordinary gentlemen go to extraordinary lengths to be crowned as winner. PAGEANT follows five of the most talented and beautiful female impersonators as they prepare to dominate in this underground competition.

Featuring stunning musical numbers, this movie dives into the heart and soul of this make-believe world: the men behind the make up. Hear from the contestants themselves and those who accompany them on this quest: husbands, mothers, sons, and little brothers.

Cast: Carl Glorioso, Victor Bowling, Robert Martin, David Lowman, Tony Brewer
Director: Ron Davis, Stewart Halpern-Fingerhu
Language: English
Publisher: Wolfe Video, Year: 2009

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4. Studio 54: The Documentary Popular
Studio 54 was the epicenter of 70s hedonism - a place that not only redefined the nightclub, but also came to symbolize an entire era. Its co-owners, Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell, two friends from Brooklyn, seemed to come out of nowhere to suddenly preside over a new kind of New York society. Now, 39 years after the velvet rope was first slung across the club s hallowed threshold, a feature documentary tells the real story behind the greatest club of all time.

Cast: Nile Rodgers, Steve Rubell, Ian Schrager
Director: Matt Tyrnauer
Language: English
Publisher: Dogwoof, Year: 2018

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